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Jesus Is Coming Soon

National news headlines were made when the mayor of Houston subpoenaed the messages of several members of the Houston clergy. The obvious outrage and claims of First Amendment rights soon followed. However, as I read about that particular item, one overriding thought kept going through my mind: Jesus is coming soon. Jesus is coming soon. Jesus is coming soon. Jesus is coming soon. Jesus is coming soon.

Those four words, “Jesus is coming soon,” have been repeated to me since I was a small child. I know of a number of Bible students who did not believe we would ever see the year 2000, and here we are now of the eve of 15 years beyond that turn of the century mark. Some scoffers might want to jeer and say, “See there, you really don’t know what you are talking about.” But I choose to believe more than ever before that Jesus is coming soon.

Just this morning, I read a news article about the ISIS group declaring that their mission includes the occupation and overthrow of the Vatican in Rome, Italy. Even today, as I was writing this article, I read of another account of people who claim to be a part of this group stoning a woman to death. They have declared all Christians to be their enemies – and they want us dead! Personally, I have not heard such rhetoric in my life span of 58 years.

It puzzles me that the media has given plenty of space in the newspapers and on the airwaves to the hundreds of people who have descended on the small suburb of St. Louis called Ferguson, Missouri, to protest what they claim is an unnecessary murder of a young black man by a white policeman, yet they have not given nearly as much space to ISIS declaring war against the Christians. These are proclamations by an enemy that is purportedly well-armed and ruthlessly waiting to conquer any country that claims to support Christians and Christianity.