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UPCI Headquarters new building


Take a look at the future home office of the United Pentecostal Church International. It is located in Weldon Springs, Missouri, adjacent to Interstate 64, and also at the intersection of Highway 94. Weldon Springs is a suburb of Saint Louis and is considered the best location of the Saint Louis metro area. The UPCI purchased the property on March 1, 2016, while the General Board was meeting. The building, which was constructed in 2007, sits on 8.13 acres of land and has offices on all three stories (a total of 81,125 square feet). As you can see in the picture, all the parking lot is paved and the grounds are professionally landscaped. Included with the purchase is a large Caterpillar generator, capable of providing electricity in the event of a power loss. The site is located within the Missouri Research Center, and my understanding is that the University of Missouri planned this office complex area. All the adjacent properties house commercial buildings, most of which are offices, and one is a Wingate hotel. Just a few minutes away are several new shopping centers, some still in the completion process, including a new outlet mall.

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On Tuesday, March 2, 2016, the members of the General Board and several employees of the UPCI World Evangelism Center toured the building. Two elevators in the center of the building provided easy access to all three floors. Most of the comments were similar to this: “I cannot believe how nice this place is.” “Wow!” Many of those on the tour were taking quite a few pictures on their smart phones.


At a meeting of the Budget Committee (of which I am a member) in September 2015, we were notified that this building could be a possible option for our future office needs. At that time, our General Superintendent, David Bernard, General Secretary, Jerry Jones, and CFO, Billy Babb, as well as the members of the Budget Committee, were invited to take a tour of the building. I was immediately impressed with the location and the building - and quite possibly became the most avid candidate for the purchase of it.


Some of you may wonder why such a purchase was deemed necessary. First of all, the current headquarters complex the UPCI at 8855 Dunn Road in Hazelwood, Missouri, is nearly 50 years old. The back portion of the building, which at one time housed the printing presses, etc., of the Pentecostal Publishing house, is now vacant space. In addition to that, none of the building is zoned for heating and air-conditioning –thus utilities are quite expensive. In fact, Brother Bernard told the General Board that just the amount saved on utilities and repairs would quite possibly pay most of the mortgage payments on the Weldon Springs property. Another reason for changing locations is that the current location and neighborhood is declining financially. Nearby buildings are standing vacant and have been vacant for some time. Also, the present location is only a few miles from the Ferguson area which has been the focus of much turmoil lately. Security concerns have plagued the present location.


Because of the astute financial management of our leadership, the UPCI was able to purchase this building. The UPCI Loan Fund (which is owned by the UPCI) helped to finance this new venture. And, accordingly, new investors are most welcome. If you have money in savings or IRAs, etc., and you are not making much interest on them, I suggest you contact the UPCI Loan Fund. They are paying 3.5% on investments right now – and compounded interest makes the ultimate rate higher than that. (I personally do not know of any bank in our area paying that good on savings accounts or certificates of deposit.) You may call 314-837-7300 during office hours and ask for the UPCI Loan Fund department for information on how to invest with them.


My final sentiments and remarks concerning this matter are summed up quite simply: TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!