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Admit it. You have seen an overweight person eating, and the thought has run through your mind, “Why are they eating? They need to quit eating and lose weight.” But you must realize everyone needs to eat in order to survive. Even fat folks.  Now, why in the world would I write that? I’ll do my best to explain.

The Louisiana District UPCI has the largest number of churches of any district in North America. Our district is consistently the top giving district, and we have more churches per capita than any other district. There are districts that have entire counties with no churches in them. There are districts that have large cities with no churches in them. Here in Louisiana, it is not uncommon to find multiple UPCI churches in the same small town. Truly we are blessed, and I for one am very thankful. In comparison, some might say that our district is “fat.” Yet, I want to say, we are also hungry. Just because we have the most churches per capita does not mean we don’t need more churches in our district. Quite the opposite, we still have towns that need a United Pentecostal Church in them. We have not saturated our district. Though we do not have megacities in Louisiana, we do have metro areas that need more churches. As I travel this entire state, I consistently drive through areas where we need more churches. Many times I breathe a prayer for God to put a burden on someone for those unreached areas.

We must have a Godly hunger to reach the lost souls in our state. That hunger should drive us to fast. It should motivate us to pray, not only for our lost loved ones, but for people we have never met. Personally, I have been praying for revival to break out in our state that will be known across the world. I am asking God to let this revival become a catalyst for the entire nation to have one huge revival before the rapture takes place. Don’t misunderstand, I wish the rapture would take place right now, but if not, I am so anxious for souls to be born again.

This past year I have witnessed more miracles than I can remember in my lifetime of living for God. We have seen undeniable miracles. Until last year, I had never seen anyone healed of autism, but I know of it happening twice last year, right here in Louisiana. This past year I saw a man not breathe for nearly ten minutes. A nurse and an EMT could not find any pulse or sign of life. But, when we began to earnestly call on God, that man received his breath back, opened his eyes, and walked away as if nothing had ever happened. Just recently, at the Missouri District Women’s Conference, a lady that I knew who attends the church in Kirksville, Missouri, where my brother-in-law pastors, received the Holy Ghost at the conference. She had been very crippled for several years, and could only walk with the benefit of crutches. But when God filled her with the Holy Ghost, He instantly healed her of her infirmity. She now walks and runs as normal as anyone, without using any medical aids. When unchurched people begin to hear and see such miracles, it stirs their curiosity. And, when they walk into Holy Ghost-powered services, they will be changed. Thus revival happens. Oh, how I am hungry for such revival!

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I am hungry for the kind of revival where entire cities close their nightclubs and places of ill repute because they no longer have any business. I am hungry for the kind of revival that will shut down the casinos and eliminate the need for the gambling games at nearly every gas station in our state. I am hungry for revival that will deliver people from drugs without any withdrawal symptoms. I am hungry for revival that will put an end to fornication and adultery. I am hungry for revival that will fill LSU’s football stadium, not with football fans, but with people hungry to hear the preached Word of God in huge crusades. (I expect that some of you who are reading this think I have lost my mind. No, I have not lost my mind. I just happen to believe in a God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.)

So, join with me in praying for the greatest revival ever to be poured out here in Louisiana. Join in with thousands of us at our upcoming camp meeting in Tioga to believe together. Just as unity began to build the tower of Babel, so will our unity in the Holy Ghost bring about the greatest move of God we have ever experienced.  Aren’t you hungry for it?