Getting Ready to Grow


Proclaim Music/Tech Conference

On August 18-20, an estimated 250 praise team and band members as well as tech crews (sound, media, and lighting) from all over Louisiana gathered for training on the Louisiana District UPCI Campgrounds. I want to sincerely thank each of the clinicians who taught and ministered during the conference (Jeff Harpole, Jeremy Hoffee, Tyler and T’Neil Walea, Kevin Howard, Jared Pavlu, Michael Gomez, Klayton and Faith Cooley, Jared Wood, Phillip Spence, and Derek Craddock).

Also, I commend Klayton and Faith Cooley and their conference team on a job well done. We are hearing grand reports from attendees from around the state. One team that attended told me they went back to their home church with many new and innovative ideas. I send a big “Thank You” to all the pastors who attended or sent their worship service teams.

The intent of this conference was to assist our churches in growing their worship service. According to church growth analysts, the worship service is one of the growth engines. Therefore, when you strengthen your worship service, you are positioning your church for growth. Planning for the next Proclaim Conference is already under discussion.


UGST Professional Development Counseling Seminar (October 28-29)

One of the most dreaded phrases a pastor, minister, or leader can hear is “I need to meet with you for counseling”. Many times, we have that response is because we feel unqualified to counsel the myriad issues that people are facing. But it shouldn’t feel that way.

On October 28-29, on our campgrounds, we will host the UGST Professional Development Seminar, Counseling in the Church. A professional, Apostolic, licensed counselor and graduate school professor will teach on principles and supply tools to integrate into ministry as well as skills for crucial conversations.

This master’s level seminar will assist those involved in counseling in the local church but is not restricted to the church setting. Secular counselors, such as social workers, would also greatly benefit. The seminar is open to everyone. All who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from UGST. Registration is required and will be opening soon at

Measuring For Growth in Louisiana

One thing I’ve learned over the years about church growth is that you must measure specific areas of your church to know where you are weak or strong. Then, you know where to focus your attention to break through barriers which may be keeping your church from growing.

For example: In the course of a year, a church must have at least the same number of guests walk through your church doors as there are attendees in your Sunday worship service. If attendance is 100 now, then at least 100 guests are needed over the next year to see minimal growth. If you are not measuring how many guests attend your church, then you will not know if this is an area where you are strong or an area which is keeping you from growing.

Over the next few months, our Louisiana pastors will be receiving a survey to assist the district office in measuring growth within our state. It will consist of questions such as, “What is your present Sunday worship service attendance?” or “What is the age of your church?” or “How long have you been the pastor?” Just to mention a few.

Answers to these questions will be kept in strict confidence and will not be published. No church names, locations or pastor’s names will be published or announced in any way. The numbers will be added together with the other Louisiana churches to measure total growth in our district.

In order to assist our district in growth, we must know where we are to be able to measure any growth in the future. It is my desire to see our churches grow in their weekly attendance. It is God’s will for our churches to grow.

We have never been positioned like we are now to see the promised outpouring of Acts 2:17. God is setting our world up for His Spirit to rain down in their lives. The church must be prepared both spiritually as well as practically, to see this unprecedented outpouring. Let’s get ready to grow!