Church In A Day (CIAD) assists congregations in building new church buildings, all in a single day. With CIAD, a church receives the equivalent of a $100,000 to $250,000 donation, and most importantly, goes from an empty lot to a service-ready sanctuary.


  • CIAD takes a pastor from a storefront to a church building the congregation can be proud of in just 24 hours. The completed church is equipped with a sound system, baptistery, pews, and landscaping, and it seats 125-150 people, putting a congregation years ahead.

  • CIAD provides a physical location to stabilize the assembly. With the building in place, the pastor can then establish roots so that spiritual growth can happen.

  • CIAD makes a building program financially feasible. CIAD volunteer labor saves a congregation money, and the North American Missions Division offers special loan programs to assist with certain aspects of the project.

  • A CIAD building is an incredible witness to the community. When passersby notice a new building where a vacant lot was the day before, it generates public attention. In several previous CIAD projects, local media outlets have publicized the CIAD project, helping congregations promote their church.

The Process

A local assembly must have land and the means for putting in a foundation.
CIAD works with the pastor to make sure his permit and legal requirements are in order.
CIAD comes in with volunteer craftsmen and laborers.
24 hours later, CIAD leaves the assembly with a completed church building ready to hold services.

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