Financial Assistance

2015 Christmas for Christ Application - Christmas for Christ is a North American Missions effort by which funds are raised at Christmas-time in North American churches to sponsor missionaries and support various North American Missions ministries in the United States and Canada. Church planters can use this application to apply for personal or property support financed by Christmas for Christ. 

Church in a Day Application Church-in-a-Day assists small churches with their church-building needs. The Church-in-a-Day Program is building (and buying) in locations all over North America. Your young congregation may qualify!

Sheaves for Christ Application - Sheaves for Christ is a General Youth Division effort by which funds are raised to support many different ministries within the United Pentecostal Church International. The General Youth Division allocates Sheaves for Christ monies each year to North American Missionaries. Property grants are available, and can be used to remodel owned property, purchase property, purchase a building or build new construction. SFC property grants cannot be used to pay rent or a lease.

Church Planters - Emergency Assistance Application - The Ladies Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church International provides a generous allocation annually to assist with the emergency needs of church planters. Assistance is available for medical, dental, appliance & vehicle needs. 

LA North American Missions Application - This is the application needed to become a LA District North American Missionary.  This is also the application for a New Church Plant, Daughter Church or Preaching Point.