Women's Ministries


Melani Shock

Women's Ministries Director

Born and raised in the heart of Louisiana, Melani Shock is no stranger to the Louisiana District.  Her grandparents were caretakers of the Louisiana District Campgrounds through the 1960’s and the empty tabernacle and deserted grounds became as comforting to her as when filled with thousands of camp attendees during the hot summers.  Her family lived in Lake Charles for about seven years while she was a young child before returning to home and family in Alexandria where she grew up and eventually married.  Active in the ministries of the Pentecostals of Alexandria from her early teens, her marriage to Terry Shock in 1985 only increased that involvement.  As youth pastor and now as Associate Pastor, their lives revolve around ministry and the people of God.

The books close with a thud and the computer lid slams shut, however, when the two kids, the husband, or the dogs come around.  Her heart and life center around her home and family, which she refers to as her “sanctuary” and about whom she is a fierce mama bear.  Kendra and Bradyn are her joy, and life is complete when all four are in the same room sharing their day with the Golden Retriever and the Schnauzer at their feet.

Although education is one of her first loves and she has stated she could happily be a “career student,” her degree accomplishments in the areas of business, music, history, and rhetoric/composition take a back seat when it comes to her passion for the Word and missions.  Taking as a life verse Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” she has made one of her life’s goals that of provoking hunger and equipping people with tools to make the Living Word an integral part of their lives.  Currently directing The Knowledge Project (a discipleship initiative at the POA), she spends much of her time writing discipleship materials for all ages.  It is also her belief in the power of that Word that fuels her passion to bring help, hope, and love to our foreign mission fields around the world.  Active on the Christian Education Board of the United Pentecostal Church of the Philippines, she has a desire to contribute as much as possible to providing quality education and materials for training our national pastors and church leaders in the Pacific region and around the world, as well as here at home.  Whether speaking, writing, or teaching, the message is simple: know the Word, believe the Word, live the Word.

As Director of Women’s Ministries for the Louisiana District United Pentecostal Church, it is her desire to see Titus 2 fleshed out in an ever-growing, ever-strengthening, ever-maturing army of women of the Word. 

And it would be a perfect world if that could be done with friends, family, and dogs in the mix.

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