January 2023


In our January and February Section Conferences you will be introduced to Mission Louisiana, a plan to upgrade our campground to continue the spiritual impact for generations to come, should our Lord tarry His return. Please make plans to join us in your section. All section conferences begin at 9:00AM with fellowship and refreshments. Please see the conference dates and locations on our district website at ladistupc.com.


Why the Louisiana District UPCI has a Ministerial Tithing Plan

Over the past year and a half, I have spoken with a number of licensed ministers in our district who did not understand the district plan for ministerial tithing. After speaking to them they were very grateful for the explanation and committed to be unified with our district plan. So, in case there are any pastors, evangelists, or other ministers who may not understand our district tithing plan, please let me explain in brief.

The Louisiana District is the largest district in the UPCI in North America. We have approximately 300 churches and nearly 800 licensed ministers.

We also have our District Campground in Tioga, as you know, that is second-to-none. I was told that we have the oldest functioning campground of any denomination. We all know that our Campground has been the central point which brings us all together. Our churches, our ministers, and our children, have all been spiritually impacted by this place at 1800 Hickory Hill Road.

For decades, our Campground has been a summer home for all our children, youth and adult camps. It is also a place where churches come for retreats and family weekends as well as other special functions. We hold various seminars, conferences, and other events throughout the year. There are pastors who take advantage of coming to stay in their cabin, RV, or one of our district cabins to get away and take a break for several days. Something happens when folks arrive on these grounds. They feel renewed and excited to be on these grounds where so many great things have happened in their lives.

This beautiful campground includes about 100 acres of mostly developed land. On the grounds you will find 131 RV rental lots, 311 lease lots for private RVs, cabins and mobile homes, forty-six private church dorms, twelve district buildings (Tabernacle, Delisa Cox Center, etc.), sixteen district cabins and houses, and six district dorms.

With all these facilities, grounds, and events, it takes full-time housekeeping and groundskeeping crews to keep everything clean and in good condition. Most of the year, it takes two men mowing forty hours a week just to keep the grass cut. Due to the extensive amount of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and much more, there is never a day where our maintenance crews do not have multiple projects ongoing.

In 2 Cor 11:28, the Apostle Paul said, Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches. To take care of the needs of our nearly 800 licensed ministers and 300 UPCI churches, there is the administration side of the district. In our office complex you will find me (District Superintendent), Bro. Brandon Stroud (District Secretary), along with three full-time staff and one part time staff member. Our staff takes care of all the departmental funds and offerings as well as ministerial tithing and budget fees. You will find us preparing certificates, flags, and other pertinent items as we get ready for funerals of our dear ministers and their spouses, along with church dedications and anniversaries as well as pastoral installations. There is also the heavy load of taking care of the financial side of 357 private cabins and lease lots along with the constant rental of 131 RV lots. This only touches the very tip of the iceberg of the responsibilities of our office staff on the Louisiana District Campground.

I am sharing all of these details about our UPCI District Campground because I want you to get a better picture of why we have our existing district tithing plan.

The Louisiana District Constitution states:

Section 1 – Obligations of Ministers

  1. ALL MINISTERS holding licenses or credentials with the Louisiana District United Pentecostal Church International, whether Evangelist or Pastor, shall pay their ministerial dues (tithes) into the District Treasury...
  2. All ministers who are engaged in secular work shall be required to pay their working dues to the pastor or church to which they are a member…

Each minister shall be required to send to the District Treasurer a specific amount of funds per quarter unless exempt from the said amount by the District Board. This amount may be paid quarterly or yearly in advance. In the event that his ministerial dues do not amount to the established dollars per quarter, he may use his working tithes for this. From this amount his budget to headquarters and the insurance shall be paid. In the event ANY MINISTER does not cooperate with this plan, the District will refer his case to the District Board for action according to the General Constitution, Article VII, Section 7, Paragraph 9, 10, and 11.

100% of your ministerial tithing (tithing on funds derived from ministry) is to be sent to the district office. Out of your tithing the Louisiana District will pay your UPCI budget fees. The remainder will go toward the upkeep and administration of the Louisiana District. It is the faithful tithing of our ministers which allows us to have and upkeep our wonderful facilities across 100 acres in central Louisiana.

Your 100% ministerial tithing is a promise and commitment you made when you were licensed with the UPCI in Louisiana or you transferred into our wonderful district.

As a pastor for twenty-five years, I understood that our church could not function or grow without our faithful tithing members. I also understood that God would not bless our church if I did not set that example. I set that example by sending in 100% of my ministerial tithes to the Louisiana District because this is what I committed to do when I was licensed here.

I would encourage all our UPCI licensed ministers across the state to faithfully support our district tithing plan. This is part of working together in unity to position our district for growth in every area and, in return, God’s blessings are released.