Annual Lease Lot

Annual Lease Lot Fee$150.00

Due Date: January 31st each year.

Utility Rates

Lease Lots $35 per day

Without A Private Electrical Meter

Lease Lots $2 per day

With A Private Electrical Meter

RV Rental Lots$35 per day

Occupied Rate (A/C Running)

RV Rental Lots$5 per day

Unoccupied Rate

RV Rental Lots$35 per day

Kids Kamp Unoccupied Rate (Saturday prior to following Saturday)

Church Dorms$20 per day

Without a Private Electrical Meter

Church Dorms$5 per day

With a Private Electrical Meter

Please note, per the decision of the District Board in November 2011 and August 2023,  the following applies:

Any RV parked on the grounds from March 1st through July 31st will be charged $5 per day when not in use, except from the Saturday prior to Kids Kamp through the Saturday following Kids Kamp, during which the rate will remain $35.00 per day whether occupied or unoccupied.

After Camp Season (from August 1st through the end of February), there is a 30-day limit for any RV parked in a rental space without special approval from the District Board. Any RV remaining parked on the grounds after July 31st will be charged $5 per day storage during the month of August and will be charged $10 per day during the months of September through February. Parked RVs hinder the mowing and maintenance of the grounds, and therefore they are not to remain during the months in which there are no big events on the campground

Please note the following regarding the RV Rental Lots:

You can reserve an RV rental lot by clicking here and booking the dates that you wish to bring the RV to the campgrounds (include any early arrival dates if you wish to bring it prior to the weeks of camps). You can choose your occupied/unoccupied dates for rate calculations.

*Limited parking space is available for campers who require handicapped or 50 AMP spaces*

Please, contact Erin Windham with any questions that you may have at (318) 640-9657, ext. 104, or via email at