Next Licensing Seminar Date
- August 26, 2024.

Applications must be submitted through CAMA Portal by June 26, 2024

Seeking Local License
  • At least seventeen (17) years of age
  • Must have been involved consistently in the evangelistic and ministerial efforts of their local church under the direction of their pastor for at least six (6) months.
    • This involvement must primarily be actively preaching weekly, but may also include teaching home Bible studies and participating in structured soul-winning activities, discipleship classes, and other ministries of the local church
Seeking General License
Seeking Ordination

Step One

Mandatory Reading

For each ministerial level of licensure, new applicants must complete the required reading assignments and complete assigned coursework and testing before becoming approved for licensure. 

Enroll In A Course

Ministry Central is a website administered by the UPCI that has a course for each level of licensure that will meet these reading requirements. To enroll in these courses, please visit Ministry Central, by clicking here.

Complete The Reading

There are other education routes such as Purpose Institute, ExCell, or another UPCI-endorsed college that uses the required reading. Refer to the Matrices below which show alternate courses and how they count toward requirements.

Mandatory Reading

Education Matrices

These show some of the alternate courses & how they count toward the requirements. After completing the required reading & coursework, you can apply for a license via the online CAMA portal. A transcript will have to be provided along with your application which shows completion of the required reading.

Step Two

Apply For Your License Online

Our organization now uses CAMA (Church Administration Ministerial Application), an online platform, for all ministerial license applications. Whether you're a new applicant, seeking an upgrade, or reinstating licensure, CAMA is mandatory. We've transitioned from paper applications to CAMA exclusively. For a detailed guide, click the button below.

Submit Your Application

All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted online through the CAMA portal no later than 60 days before you meet with the District Board. Local and General applicants meet the District Board at the March or August District Board Meetings. Ordination applicants only meet the District Board at the March Board Meeting.

CAMA Tutorial

Important Reminders:

  • Refer to our District Calendar for specific application deadlines and Licensing Seminar dates.
  • First-time applicants or those seeking reinstatement need their Pastor to initiate the CAMA application process.
  • Current UPCI license holders seeking an upgrade can apply directly through the CAMA website.
  • All applications must be reviewed by your Pastor or another UPCI-ordained minister before District Board evaluation.
  • If you're a graduate of a UPCI-endorsed graduate-level college, you've already fulfilled the Reading Requirements for all licensure levels (Local, General, and Ordination). No extra coursework or reading is necessary. Just submit your transcript to demonstrate completion.

Spanish Applicants:

  • At present, the CAMA website doesn't support Spanish ministerial applications.
  • Spanish applications can be accessed via the provided buttons below and submitted to our District Office by mail or email to once completed.

Step Three

Application Must Be Approved

Once your CAMA application is submitted and approved by your Pastor or another UPCI Ordained minister, it undergoes review by our District Board. If everything is in order, the District office will contact you regarding the Licensing Orientation.

Licensing Orientation

The Licensing Orientation is held at our campgrounds tabernacle building, typically held in March and August for Local and General applicants, and only in March for Ordination applicants. 


During this all-day event, you'll meet with the District Board and receive a briefing from the District Superintendent and Secretary, followed by an interview with the District Board for license approval. Approved applications move on to UPCI Headquarters for final review and approval. Once approved, your UPCI license certificate and card will be mailed to you.

Local Licensed Ministers
General Licensed Ministers
Ordained Ministers