Louisiana District UPC Bookstore

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Here are media items and cost that we are currently offering:

  • All CDs - $5 per CD
  • All DVDs - $10 per DVD
  • Camp Meeting CD sets - $40 - Includes Music and Preaching
  • Camp Meeting DVD sets - $135 - Includes all Preaching
  • Online Videos - We now offer a subscription service and a download service.  You may visit us at: VIMEO


  • District Conference - CD/DVD
  • Women's Conference - CD/DVD
  • Ministers' Wives Retreat - CD
  • Men's Conference - CD/DVD
  • Kid's Camp - CD/DVD
  • Junior Camp - CD/DVD
  • Senior Camp - CD/DVD
  • Camp Meeting - CD/DVD/Flash Drive
  • Spanish Women's Conference - CD 
  • Spanish Men's Conference -CD
  • Spanish Camp Meeting - CD

We also have archived messages from the early 70s.  If you are looking for an older message, please contact us.  Please note that the time for researching and transferring these items may take longer than all current media.