District Spanish Camp Meeting & Youth Camp 2021

I want to thank our Spanish Ministries directors, Bro. Joseph & Sis. Nadia Zambrano, for leading an excellent Camp Meeting on July 22 - 24 for our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters of the Louisiana District UPCI. There were around 600 in attendance with 47 being filled with the Holy Ghost for the very first time. On August 6 – 7, our Spanish Youth Camp took place with just under 100 in attendance. “Gloria a Dios” (Glory to God)!


God Moves in the Ordinary

Darkness and evil seem to be the standard today. Challenging circumstances are being delt with on a daily basis. It seems like social unrest, political debate and governmental mandates dealing with Covid19 are on the constant agenda of our world. Today, ordinary seems to be the crazy times we are living in. 

These are times where we could feel like sitting back and just coasting along, waiting for things to get better before we get back to what God has called us to do. It’s tempting to put the mission on hold and to put vision, goals and plans on pause. That’s what our adversary would like to see.

One day last week during my morning prayer, God began to speak to my heart about these things. We are living in such important times. These are not days in which we should wait for a return to something better. Our Bible is clear that during times where trouble is the order of the day, God will use the ordinary to inject the extraordinary.

It seemed like such an ordinary trouble-filled day when Joseph and Mary faced the hardships of their time. They had to travel to Bethlehem to pay taxes because of a governmental mandate. They ran into hard times as they could not find a room for the night. They did the unusual, they stayed in a barn. Times seemed so ordinarily challenging. But to God, it was far from an ordinary day. This would be a day when God would put on human flesh and be born among men, Emanuel, God with us. God moved in ordinarily difficult times.

It seemed like an ordinary trouble-filled day when Jesus was tried and dragged outside of Jerusalem to be crucified. It was such an ordinary day in the eyes of those who stood there looking at three men hanging on crosses, two of which were common, ordinary criminals. They had seen this, many times before. But an ordinary day...NO...nothing could be farther from ordinary than the redemptive work that was done on Calvary. God moved in the ordinary.

Today it seems we are getting accustomed to such ordinarily evil and difficult times. It’s just what we have come to expect. And we hope that it will all go away and maybe get better if we just wait it out. These times are trying to rock us to sleep, put God on hold, put evangelism on the back burner, and wait for things to get better.

Though these days seem ordinary they are far from ordinary to God. This is the day where God has ordained the greatest outpouring of His Spirit. His Spirit is promised to fall on His church and on the lost. God is doing very important things all around the world. There is a sovereign work of God among us.

Brothers and Sisters, don't mistake this day for ordinary. Though it seems like ordinary, it is far from ordinary. You are ordained to stand in ordinary times with an extra-ordinary mandate from Heaven to preach, teach and believe for what God is doing and will do in these most important times. 

If you feel like you are coasting, go back to God and renew your vision. Revisit your plans and strategies to strengthen your ministry and reach the lost. These challenging times are a breeding ground for the miraculous.  Have FAITH, these are very important times. Remember, God moves in the ordinary.